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The glowing jewelry store!

Our glow jewelry are beautiful and unique with rich variety of shapes and sizes. Within our store you'll find collections grouped by color, shape and price. Each collection offers beautiful and affordable pendants suitable for every occasion and taste. Pendants are available in green, turquoise and blue; with glows like red, pink and orange to be available soon. Products are made with the highest quality glow in the dark material that will allow you to charge them over and over for many years. Once charged pendants project a gorgeous bright glow in the dark for a few hours. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to read the section below "Keep it glowing"  that will explain more about the glow effect and how to keep your pendant glowing longer. 

Cute Glow Necklace on a Model

Keep it glowing

The necklace material requires light to project glow, in particular the material charges by the UV spectrum. To fully charge your necklace use a bright source of light or even better a UV torch. When fully charged pendants will glow bright in the dark for the firstMiniature Shell anklet hour and fade out slowly in the following hours. Please note that all glows are different when it comes to brightness, the brightest is green followed by turquoise and dark blue. With the use of UV torch you can easily charge the pendant in seconds when the glow wears out. UV light charges the material a lot faster compared to normal LED light, regular bulbs or sunlight which could take from 1 minute to half hour depending on the light source strength. Miniature glow in the dark shell bracelet styleFor this very purpose available on our store you will find UV keychain torch for as low as $0.99, small and light to carry on your keychain you may purchase it with your necklace and keep your pendant glowing wherever you go. Please note that there is no light absorption in the transport process therefore pendants will not glow out of the box, please charge your pendant upon receiving.

 Our miniature collection is perfectly suitable for bracelets and anklets, Mini Seashell pictured above.



Gift Ideas

Cute Glow gift boxAll jewelry orders are packaged individually within a gift box. Custom gift message could be arranged, Lot of Gift Boxes - Cute Glow jewelrycontact us for more details. Cute Glow is the perfect gift during the holidays, birthdays, parties, a night out or any place where you desire a little glow.

  With every order you'll receive a beautiful looking necklace at daylight and stunning cute glow at night!